Wai Lana's Namaste Video

World Class

“Truly world class and probably the most impactful celebration of Yoga Day. Thank you for sharing.” – Vallabh Bhanshali (chairman of Enam Securities)


“An extraordinary Hawaiian rendition of Namaste​“ – Shashi Tharoor (Indian politician and writer)​

Excellent video

“Excellent video.  Global reach of Yoga for peace, amity and wellness between nations, races, religions, all peoples.  Thanks.” – Dr. M.B Athreya (Padma Bhushan award winner, management guru)

All told this is a reflective delight

“Wai Lana possesses one of the most unusual voices I’ve ever heard, on several occasions I had to check whether it was a wooden flute instrument rather that a singer making these soothing sounds. Her song ‘Namaste’ was recorded to celebrate international yoga day and boy does it fit the

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