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Inspirational Stories

“It is my goal to share the gift of yoga by making it easy

for everyone to experience its life giving benefits.”


Inspirational Stories

“It is my goal to share the gift of yoga by making it easy for everyone to experience its life giving benefits.”


Inspirational Stories

“It is my goal to share the gift of yoga by making it easy for everyone to experience its life giving benefits.”

Over the years, many people who have been introduced to yoga by Wai Lana, or who have been inspired by her in their yoga practice, have written with questions or gracious expressions of gratitude.

My back has straightened

I found Wai Lana on my local PBS station last week. I just love her! After doing yoga with her one time my back has straightened.

Carrie from Mobile Alabama

It’s not like work. It’s just fun.

Wai Lana’s yoga helps with your upper body strength. I think we tend to focus on walking and lower body strength for a lot of things, but some of the poses really exercise your arms and shoulders—really help to strengthen. It’s not like work. It’s just fun.

Kathy Knebel

Thank you for the joy you brought to my sister and I

Hi Wai Lana. I came across you video promotion when I was a young girl. About 10 or 11 years old. My sister, whom is 10 years older than me and of limited mobility, would search for your videos every Sunday morning to practice together. She on a chair, and I on the floor. We watched and followed along, laughing and teasing each other when we couldn’t do the moves. Thinking back now I realized that it was a happy memory. My sister and I don’t have many of those. I also realize now that your videos are the reason I love yoga so much. If it was not for your TV yoga sessions I would not have learned at such a young age the wonders of yoga. Thank you for the joy you brought to my sister and I. Thank you for being yourself and sharing your practice with the world. You are loved and appreciated.

With love and respect,

Joselyn Garcia

My absolute all-time favorite chip to snack on!!!!

Hi, I just wanted to say how much I love the garlic & herb, sour cream & chive veggie crisps, they are my absolute all-time favorite chip to snack on!!!! Never stop producing these please

Aliya Hale-Bennett

Your TV show

Hello to you, Wai Lana.

How are you doing, today?

I Would just like to say, I try to catch your TV show when I can. I really enjoy viewing it, and listening to your music, at the end. It is so peaceful to my mind, and spirit, and heart.

I used to do yoga, with a few friends. I was starting to feel good, but then, I seem to have stopped doing yoga. My friends no longer were doing it at all!

I want so much, to get back in to it, again. My body was starting to feel wonderful and so was my mind.

I hope your tv show will continue, to air on pbs, I love the beautiful backgrounds, when you are doing yoga. It looks so terrific and ever so wonderful !

Please have a great day, Wai Lana

And keep up the great work, on your yoga show, on pbs.

Best regards,

Scott A.

You have saved my life

You have saved my life. My Yoga instructor for 10 years retired and moved away. I was lost for a while until I stumbled on your morning show on PBS (WNYE). Now during the week I spend one half hour with you and on weekends can do the full two half-hour shows. I also have 5 of your videos, your yoga kit (mat/strap etc).

I love the way your TV shows are presented with the voiceovers instead of talking while you are showing us the asanas. You start every day for me now with a feeling of peace and relaxation to get through the rest of the day.

A Fan

You are helping me tremendously

Dear Wai Lana,

Thank you so much for your wonderful teachings.  I’ve been doing Wai Lana Yoga for a few weeks, and I feel so much better! It is truly invigorating, and I want you to know how much I appreciate you for your sharing your gifts! You are helping me tremendously, and I wanted you to know. Thank you again!



You are an amazing woman

Dear Wai Lana!

You are an amazing woman that changed my world with just one video. You made me feel better and gave me the strength and hope and you convinced me that I can make it! That’s just amazing how person is able to do this, you share love and hope.


Luka Mejaè

Yoga Programs

I just want to thank you for the inspiring music on your yoga shows. I have been watching for the last 6 weeks and have enjoyed the relaxing you have shown us.

I feel more relaxed after watching your yoga show.

The beautiful background makes it even more enjoyable and more relaxing while joining in your sessions.

Thanks again for your yoga program and continue to bring us more sessions of your yoga programs.

Thanks again,


Yoga gave me the desire to quit smoking

I used to smoke and yoga gave me the desire to quit smoking, and to stick with it. I think smoking is really that your body wants to breathe. You really want oxygen, not nicotine. So what I do now is breathe deeply. It’s like the same act as smoking that cigarette, yet I am breathing oxygen. Doing the yoga makes me more aware of my body, more aware of my breath. 

Phyllis Paige

Yoga DVDs

Dear Wai Lana,

I’m a new fan of yours. I’ve been a regular exerciser for years and I love stretching and Pilates. Over the years I tried to get into Yoga and I couldn’t. I kept trying because I felt that I should like it. I wasted my money on so many workout DVDs from many different instructors. Even though I liked some of those instructors, I didn’t like their workouts. Something was always lacking. Then I found you on Google. I watched some clips on your YouTube channel and I liked what I saw, so I bought 10 of your DVDs! I’m so happy I found you. You’ve helped me like Yoga. I just needed the right teacher and the right style. Thank you so much. 🙂


Kelly Y.

Yoga definitely is a very good preventative measure

I’ve been a nurse for eighteen years and I initially injured my back by lifting a patient and twisting. I was incapacitated physically for a couple of weeks. So when I felt better I went to the neurologist who was also an acupuncturist and he recommended doing yoga. So that’s how I began the Wai Lana DVDs and since then I’ve never had that problem again, which is amazing to me. Yoga definitely is a very good preventative measure. It keeps you flexible. It keeps you strong and keeps you calm and relaxed.



Dear Wai Lana,

This year has been a while for me to pay much attention to yoga especially in my build up seasons. This winter into spring I look forward to participating actively my yoga routine through your shows.

I hope you will take advantage this new year towards branching out as an empire on yoga and this being the importance with being active. Your show means very much to me and wish you the warmest on well strong being.

Thank you so much with loads of special care, sincerely,


Wonderful spiritual teacher of yoga

Dear Wai Lana,

I wish you peace, joy and happiness each and every day. You are a wonderful spiritual teacher of yoga. I so appreciate you. You are an inspiration to me. Because of you and your tv show, I am inspired to teach yoga to mature adults.


Jill M.

While practicing with Wai Lana, it helps make my activities easier

While practicing with Wai Lana, it helps make my activities easier. Also picking up things… because sometimes, when we age, we get a little stiff, so it helps me to relax those muscles. When I wake up early in the morning, it’s just best to work with Wai Lana, first thing.

Patricia Diggs

Wai Lana Yoga on PBS is very convenient & highly beneficial

I have realized that Yoga is essential for the wellbeing of both my body and mind. But for me, going out somewhere to practice yoga is very inconvenient. Wai Lana Yoga on PBS has made it possible for me to learn and practice Yoga from one of the best yoga teachers in the world, right from the comfort of my home.

Watching and practicing with her even for 10-15 minutes in the morning leaves me with an energetic body and peaceful mind. I love her full body workout which helps me to invigorate my body and refresh my mind. This workout helps to exercise almost all the body parts along with strengthening and toning them.

Looking forward to the next show ☺

Susanne, Dallas

Wai Lana Yoga on PBS became my favorite show

While surfing through TV Channels I came across the Wai Lana PBS Yoga show. I started watching her during the commercial breaks of my favorite shows, but gradually this became my favorite show.  It’s very inspiring to learn tips and insights on yoga lifestyle from her.  

I shared her show with my family, who have now also become big fans. We all get together to watch and practice along with Wai Lana Yoga on PBS.

One of my favorite poses by Wai Lana is Salute to the Sun as it helps to warm up and energizes the entire body. This really kick starts my morning and gets me ready for the day ahead.

Thank You Wai Lana. Love You!!

Janet, Colorado

Wai Lana Yoga on PBS are Simply Amazing

I found about the Wai Lana PBS Yoga shows from one of my friends who was always saying nice things about Wai Lana. Since then, I have been regularly watching Wai Lana Yoga PBS shows and love her unique way of teaching yoga.

The beautiful natural background is very soothing to the mind. I would like to share one experience about Ujjayi Pranayama Breathing Technique taught by Wai Lana. Ujjayi pranayama really helped me to reduce tension and anxieties. I always get a calming and heart touching experience practicing this technique followed by yoga sound meditation.

Thank You Wai Lana for sharing this wonderful practice of yoga.

Liza, Texas

Wai Lana Yoga helps me get through the work week

Wai Lana Yoga helps me get through the work week. A lot of the time I’m sitting at a desk all day long just going from one software to another. So when I come home, it helps me to relax and it helps me keep supple at work. I don’t get the backaches that I would get if I didn’t exercise properly.

I’ll go out to my yoga area and my 8-year-old daughter will join me sometimes in the yoga routines. She does ballet and gymnastics but this we can do together.


Wai Lana’s Yoga Nidra is all-encompassing

Wai Lana’s Yoga Nidra is all-encompassing. It’s inspiring, it gives you a sense of comfort, it gives you a sense of peace, and you feel good. You feel like you have a handle on everything. And it’s beautiful because of her words… her ability to paint verbal images is breathtaking.


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