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Exclusive Interview With Wai Lana

Exclusive Interview With Wai Lana

Wai Lana “River of Forgiveness” (singer-songwriter) Press Release: Devoting your life to yoga and its spiritual wisdom can profoundly impact

Eat for the Season

INTERNET WIRE By mid-October, there is nothing my body craves more than a sweet-tart crunchy apple fresh off the tree,

Cozy Holiday Cooking

INTERNET WIRE ith Thanksgiving and Christmas on the near horizon, there is definitely a holiday buzz in the air. In

Channel Yoga

The Arizona Republic, January 2009  If the idea of doing yoga in front of others has you quaking in your

For over 40 years, Wai Lana has been sharing the gift of yoga through her worldwide TV shows entitled “Wai Lana Yoga”. Wai Lana is now one of the leading brands of yoga, fitness & natural lifestyle products. Read More 

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