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Wai Lana’s Soup of the Week: Curried Apple Squash Soup

Elegant and cozy, this savory-sweet curry soup will make guests feel warm and welcome at your table. The candied nuts add a nice contrast in both taste and texture. Make them a few hours or a day in advance if you like (but hide them well, as they’ve been known to mysteriously disappear!). You can

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Wai Lana’s Veggie Hazelnut Burgers

Full of protein, fiber, and flavor, these burgers are delicious enough to encourage anyone to become vegetarian. My kids have been eating these since they were little. Serve them in wholegrain bread rolls with clover sprouts, ketchup, and your favorite mustard.

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Wai Lana’s Recipes: 3 Different Pulp Pates Part 1

Just like with these recipes, I sometimes come up with the best combinations when I’m low on groceries and have only a small selection of ingredients. Now I make these dishes regularly no matter how well stocked my cupboards are. Filled with fresh herbs, toasted nuts, and loads of fiber, these three vegetable patés are

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Wai Lana’s Soup of the Week: Kabocha Ginger Soup

This is a very pleasant, simple soup that lets you enjoy the warming energy of sweet winter squash. One of my favorite combinations, kabocha and ginger help increase circulation while strengthening the lungs and immune system. This recipe is the perfect pick-me-up on a chilly autumn day.

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Wai Lana’s Pineapple Cashew Mousse

This silky, sweet dessert includes cardamom, one of my favorite Indian spices. Used just as often in sweet as in savory recipes, cardamom makes a wise addition to any dessert because of its digestive properties. In fact, traditional Indian restaurants typically serve cardamom after meals to aid digestion and sweeten the breath.

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Wai Lana’s Juice of the Week: Power Cleanse

Everything we consume is processed by the liver before being assimilated into the body. Acting as a filter, the liver protects us from many of the harmful toxins present in today’s food supply. This recipe reduces the risk of disease by helping the liver eliminate accumulated toxins, many of which could otherwise remain in the

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Wai Lana’s Soup of the week: Mulligatawny

Traditionally a curry-spiced vegetable soup, Mulligatawny has countless variations. Mine draws inspiration from South Indian and Sri Lankan cuisines, using coconut, lemon, and sweet curry spices. The result is a full-flavored, slightly tangy soup that makes the perfect appetizer for any Indian meal.

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Wai Lana Juice of the Week: Youth Juice

When people ask me how I have so much energy, I usually tell them it’s because of juices like this one. Lively, light, and bursting with vital nutrients, this vegetable medley helps preserve youthful skin, improve metabolism, and protect your body from cancer.

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Wai Lana’s Soup of the Week: October Harvest

Savor the sweetness and smooth-yet-hearty texture of delectable winter squash with this simple recipe. With warm bread it makes a great autumn meal, though it’s also a perfect prelude to any holiday dinner. Both kids and parents will look forward to it.

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Wai Lana’s Mousse Royale

Although you may have heard that carob is no substitute for chocolate, here’s a recipe that will satisfy even the most stubborn chocoholic. With only a small fraction of the fat and no caffeine, carob is far healthier and just as tasty as chocolate. My family even likes it better.

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Wai Lana’s Easy Dahl

Try this light, energizing dhal. Dhal is seen in Ayurveda as one of the most nurturing, sustaining foods of all. It is highly digestible, gentle on the body, and can be eaten by young children and elderly people alike.

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