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Yoga poses make people feel good and healthy

Good Digestion Naturally

I love being active. Gardening, yoga, entertaining friends and family, and hiking in nature are some of the activities I like to do to unwind and have fun. In order to fit in as much as I can, I follow a healthy, balanced lifestyle that promotes good digestion. The benefits are numerous. Overall vitality and energy, proper absorption of food, clear skin, and quick reflexes all improve with good digestion.

Unfortunately, poor digestion is far too common today. It is linked to a number of health problems, including fatigue, food allergies, poor immune function, peptic ulcers, obesity, and hypertension. But it can be rectified in most cases by sincerely adopting healthy habits. Once you begin to experience better digestion, you will also likely feel more relaxed, have more energy, and look radiant to boot!

Hydrate your body

Adequate hydration is essential to good digestion. Drinking pure water, herbal teas, and fresh juices will moisten the body, transport nutrients, and eliminate wastes. I find that mini fresh juice fasts every now and then give my digestion system a boost and help clear out toxins and wastes that accumulate from environmental pollutants.

Supplement your liquids

Mother Nature makes many wonderful supplements available to us. The juice of the noni fruit, for example, has long been valued by Polynesians as a powerful health and beauty tonic. I am pleased to offer a 100% pure, raw noni juice with no additives or fillers, made from sun-ripened, hand-picked fruits. Noni juice in its purest form like this not only stimulates digestion but can also boost the immune system, fight inflammation within the body, and curb bacteria and parasites from setting up camp inside your digestive tract.

Chew your food well

Make a difference at mealtime simply by sitting down, relaxing, and chewing each bite well. This will reduce the stress on your digestive tract, and your stomach will have more energy to digest the meal. Chewing releases saliva into the mouth, which contains digestive enzymes that will break down food particles further and promote nutrient absorption.

Find good sources of fiber

Nature’s most cleansing, detoxifying foods are usually rich in fiber, which keeps your digestive system humming. Look to fruits, veggies, whole grains, and legumes as ideal sources. If you have the option, choose locally-grown organic foods. They are fresher and free from pesticides and other toxins that can weaken digestion.

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