Meditation has helped me in so many ways during every stage of life, no matter what I was going through. The harder the times were, the more rewarding it felt to be meditating.

Relieve Your Headache with Yoga

Relieve Your Headache with Yoga

For many people, a headache is almost an everyday occurrence.  It can range from minor discomfort to debilitating, agonizing pain. Some people experience headaches everyday all day long, while others don’t get them at all.  (I’m sure they’re a minority!) There are so many causes of a headache and the solutions for it are just …

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Breathing & Yoga

Breathing & Yoga

The way you breathe can either help or hinder your asana practice. When you breathe smoothly and evenly, you’ll notice that your breath helps you relax into a pose, gives you more stamina, and eases tension. In fact, it’s because of the relaxing effect of the breath that we’re often told to “take a few …

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Learn a New Pose Today!

Some yoga poses are easy for us; we like doing them and practice them regularly. At that point when the pose becomes easy for you, it’s time to find another pose! Let’s say you learned a new pose yesterday that was quite hard for you. When it comes time to do it today, you’re reluctant. …

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Strengthening the lungs

Strengthening the lungs

One way to help strengthen the lungs, oxygenate the blood, and simultaneously relax and invigorate the entire body is to practice a technique called Energizing Breath. Stand with your feet together or a comfortable distance apart and turn your palms out. Inhale slowly and deeply through your nose as you raise your arms out to …

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Relax into Yoga

Want to make your asana session more enjoyable and more beneficial? Then relax as you practice. Whether you do yoga for exercise, to relieve stress, or both, you’ll get more out of it if you relax. Don’t stress about how stiff you are; don’t strain to get into a pose. Just do your best and …

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