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Just Add Yoga!

Yoga Day is coming soon and I’m very much looking forward to releasing another new song this year. It’s incredible how popular yoga has become, but it’s no surprise. Once you feel the benefits of practicing yoga, whether it be asanas, breathing techniques, or meditation, you begin to feel something is missing if you skip a day of practice. It’s kind of like how you wouldn’t feel comfortable going to bed at night if you haven’t brushed your teeth.

Another wonderful thing about yoga is that it can be practiced almost anywhere, at almost any time. It is such a comprehensive practice, with many different branches aimed at bringing us various physical, mental, and spiritual benefits.

Some people may feel that yoga is not for them as they may not be flexible, are overweight, or are too old or too young. But there are various yoga practices for that can be adopted by anyone, at any age, with any body type. Even fifteen minutes a day of regular practice will allow you to begin feeling the results.

So no matter where you are, what type of body you have, or how limited you may feel, it is easy to sneak in a few minutes of yoga here and there. Whether it is five minutes of yoga meditation, a quick pranayama breathing session while at work, or an actual yoga asana routine for your afternoon exercise, you can always find ways to incorporate yoga into your life. And the more you start to incorporate it into your routine, the more you will find yourself looking forward to it! Three minutes will soon become fifteen. Fifteen minutes will easily become a half hour.

In addition, yoga teaches one to be patient and to accept one’s own limitations. It is a lifestyle that not only helps us cope with life’s many challenges, but gives us insights into the cause and solution to whatever problems we may be facing. So whether you are at work, at home, on vacation or wherever, whether it is morning, afternoon or evening, you can practice yoga and reap the benefits.

So I humbly encourage you, add a little bit of yoga to your life today!

Wishing you well,
Wai Lana

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