Introducing Kids to Yoga

The Importance of Being Little

A change in the way society is educating its children has highlighted a problem caused by transitioning children into academics too early in life. Erika Christakis has written an interesting book on this subject called “The Importance of Being Little.” The author makes the point that very young children need to be doing more playing …

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Juice of the Week: Watermelon Wave

Perfect when lounging by the pool, this summer special works wonders in reducing water retention. Natural diuretics like melon and cranberry ease uncomfortable bloating and cleanse the kidneys of toxins. They simultaneously replenish fluids and refresh your palate. Boost It never hurts to add some fresh ginger Benefits  Both watermelon and cranberries help flush uric …

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Award of Excellence

Award of Excellence

“… an award-winner! Charming, with beautiful scenery. Great for children—but adults who are newcomers to yoga can benefit from this video as well! Great exercises for all ages! What a beautiful tape. It’s her best! It’s great! It’s so sweet with the children. It’s great for adults too. For someone just starting out, it can’t …

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Atlanta Parent magazine

If your child’s nickname is Wiggle Worm or Squirmy, take a look at this product. The Wai Lana’s Little Yogis Kit features a vibrant yoga mat, a poster with 21 illustrated positions, and a 60-minute kids’ yoga video—all in a convenient tote. After a few sessions, your little wiggle worm or acrobat can stretch her …

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Wai Lana’s Little Yogis is a video to teach yoga to children ages 3 to 8 years. Combining cartoons and videos of Wai Lana working with the kids, the video teaches the importance of breathing fresh air and drinking fresh water, how to stretch muscles, improve balance and coordination, and strengthen young bodies. Wai Lana’s gentle, …

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My aunt gave this to me and my little sisters and brothers a few months ago. We all love doing this and it is very much fun. It is very colorful and nice. The music is also nice. The memory cards of this tape are also really nice to play with! —An customer

Delicious and Nutritious

Delicious and Nutritious

Maintaining a balanced diet and providing children with meals that are both healthy and delicious remains a challenge. But now life in the kitchen has become just a little bit easier. Wai Lana, one of the foremost personalities in the world of yoga, whose television series is seen by millions of viewers on five continents, …

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Beautifully done

Beautifully done

Wai Lana may be best known for her grace and beauty on her self-titled yoga program shown on the Wisdom Network. Now, she has not only created a yoga program for children, she’s also written a beautiful collection of juice recipes suitable for lacto-vegetarians and vegans. Besides having bright colorful photography throughout, this new book …

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Juicy Delight

Juicy Delight

Noted yoga practitioner Wai Lana shares years of personal research in this new compilation of 88 juicy recipes, Wai Lana’s Favorite Juices (Wai Lana Productions). Dazzling color photographs of succulent fresh fruits and vegetables accompany the author’s favorite recipes, which are simple to follow. There are mouth-watering formulas using fresh produce from every season, creative …

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