Yoga for Kids

Yoga for Kids

Did you know yoga is also wonderful for kids? If you have kids, grand kids, or any children in your life, you can give them a healthy start by introducing them to yoga. It has so many benefits for them. I’ve always liked to make yoga fun for kids and make them feel special; it’s yoga just for them. I have a few little yogi friends with me. Would you like to see some of my favorite poses?


Yeah, yes!


This pose feels so good! Do you know why I like it?




Because it keeps my back flexible and it also stretches my stomach and my chest. And this pose stretches my legs. Do you do this one?





Don’t go too far down when you first learn it. And this pose stretches both my legs and my back. It’s also a very good one to do if you want to calm down like before you take a nap or go to bed at night. Or if you’ve been playing and running around a lot outside you can come inside and do this pose before you eat lunch.

Wai Lana to Girl 1: Do you have a favorite pose?

Girl 1: Butterfly.

Wai Lana to Girl 1: Butterfly! Show us.

Wai Lana: Very nice! Why is this pose your favorite pose?

Girl 1: Because I like butterflies! They’re very pretty! I like pretending I’m flying around smelling colorful flowers.

Wai Lana to Boy 1: Thank you. What about you? What’s your favorite yoga pose?

Boy 1: I like Grasshopper! Can I show you?

Wai Lana: Sure, we’d love to see it.

Wai Lana: Whoa, you can lift your leg high! What do you like best about this pose?

Boy 1: It’s fun! And it makes my back feel stronger.

Wai Lana to Boy 1: That’s because Grasshopper does make your back stronger!

Wai Lana  to Camera: All the yoga poses help kids’ muscles get stronger. They also help kids develop good balance, coordination, and concentration.

Wai Lana: Who likes to balance on one leg?

Boy 2: Me!

Wai Lana: Oh, can you show us?

Boy 2: Ok. It’s the tree pose. I’m a little shaky.

Wai Lana to Boy 2: Don’t worry, just do your best.

Wai Lana: Why do you like that pose?

Boy 2: I like to imagine there are birds in my branches.

Wai Lana: Practicing balancing is really helpful for children, especially for those who are hyperactive or have a hard time concentrating. Because they have to focus their attention to be able to balance, it helps to center their minds. Learning to concentrate like this can help kids focus on their studies.

Boy 3: I like Rocking Beetle the best.

Wai Lana: Rocking Beetle is one of my favorite poses too!  It massages your whole back.

Boy 3: Yeah, and it’s really fun to roll around. I can even turn when I do it.

Wai Lana: Oh really? Let’s see! Well done.

Girl 2: Wai Lana, can I tell you my favorite pose?

Wai Lana to Girl 2: Of course, what is it?

Girl 2: It’s Jelly Legs! It’s so funny shaking my legs when I’m upside down. It makes me laugh.

Wai Lana: Come on, then, show us how to do it.

Wai Lana: This is a perfect pose after a long day of running around.

Girl 3: My turn, can I show you mine?

Wai Lana: Sure!

Girl 3: It’s the Lion. When I have lots of homework I take a break and do the lion. It helps take the stress away.

Wai Lana: Have we left anybody out?

Girl 4: Me! My favorite sport is wushu and I really like doing Seabird. It stretches out my legs so I can kick faster and stronger.

Wai Lana: Show us!

Wai Lana: This is a good one, you’re stretching and balancing at the same time.

Wai Lana:  Can you all do this one?

Kids: Yeah!


I sincerely believe that by teaching our children yoga, we can set them on a path to good health, to a happier life, and to respecting others. The children are the future, and happier children will make a happier world.

Can I join you? You are doing very good. Now keep your back straight like this.

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