Eating for Health

Eating for Health

Yogis know that it is important to eat just the right amount to keep the body healthy—neither too much nor too little.

Eating too much makes your organs of digestion and elimination work overtime; this is a waste of energy that makes you feel tired and lethargic. Not only that, if you overeat consistently, you may become seriously overweight, and that can lead to heart disease and other physical ailments.

When food cravings arise, whether due to stress, inner emptiness, or the desire for a taste flash, we often go for junk food because it tastes good and is readily available. But chips, crackers, chocolate, cookies and the like are high in sugar, salt, and fat and low on nutritional value. While it’s fine to munch these things occasionally, when eaten regularly, they are harmful to your body.

So yogis try to remember that food is meant to sustain the body and keep it healthy, not harm it. It’s much better to nibble a piece of fruit than to resort to junk food. And if stress or emptiness is the cause of the craving, try relaxation or meditation techniques before you head for the snacks.

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