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INTERVIEW | Wai Lana discusses her “River of Forgiveness” music video

Wai Lana is both a musician and an internationally known yoga teacher, with her series Wai Lana Yoga. Through her songs, she spreads the messages of yoga teachings. Most recently, she released “River of Forgiveness” to align with International Day of Friendship and Global Friendship Day. VENTS recently interviewed Wai Lana about the “River of Forgiveness” […]

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Helped me a great deal

The bottom line is that yoga has certainly helped me a great deal with stress, blood pressure, and flexibility. I wake up in the morning raring to go.  I just don’t seem to have the problems that many people have when they get older.  I don’t have the aches and pains. I am very fortunate

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I just wanted to say hello to you as it is now 10 years since I first “met” your yoga and still practice it, It really makes miracles. Best wishes, — Meta (71 years)

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Healthy yoga diet

After being raised on a healthy yoga diet and experiencing how much it benefited me, I knew that I would raise my own kids the same way. It’s a really good feeling to know you are giving your kids foods that will give them the best possible mental and physical health, and food that they

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Happy Senior Yogi

I’m 83 years old and I’ve been practicing Wai Lana Yoga for 20 years. I use her tapes every morning, they really help.  When I was in the hospital 12 years ago for a knee replacement I brought my Wai Lana tapes with me.  i did all of the sitting up exercises I could. People

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Growing spiritually

I do the meditations with her and it’s as if the spirit that connects you to the divine is there.  It’s encircling you.  I am growing spiritually through her DVDs as well as changing my body physically and feeling my emotions lightened.  — Kath Osborn

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Great Work!!!

I am an avid follower of wail lana yoga having based my home practice on her tv shows and dvds. My love for yoga was sparked over 10 years ago by her show and having moved from place to place I was pleased to find the tv program in Toronto (albeit at 5am). No other

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Fabulous French Onion

Fabulous French Onion

A few years ago, my family and I tried this soup when having dinner at our friend Nadia’s house. She used pepper jack instead of gruyère cheese, as well as sweet vidalia onion and pear. It was rated a 10 by everyone at the table—and an 11 by my son. You’ll have to try it

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