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Horsetail Extract Vitamins: Are Hair Growth Vitamins a Solution for Healthy Hair and Nails?

Although it is one of the most abundant elements on the planet (second only to oxygen), it’s not uncommon for people to be deficient in silica. Vital to hair growth and strength, silica is one of the most difficult trace minerals to get in your diet. That’s why it is a common ingredient in many hair growth vitamins or hair loss vitamins.

If you are losing hair (or it looks unhealthy) and your nails are becoming brittle or soft, it may be a clue that you are lacking in silica. Known as the “beauty mineral,” silica can help keep your hair strong, your nails supple, and your skin clear. Because your hair and nails reflect the overall health of your body, nutritional deficiencies may be looking you right in the mirror.

Horsetail Extract Vitamins

Horsetail is an herbal supplement that contains the highest known content of silica of any herb and is a common ingredient in many popular beauty aids. In addition to silica, horsetail extract vitamins are also abundant in selenium. Together these minerals help promote circulation to the scalp and maintain strong, healthy hair.

The silica found in horsetail extract vitamins has two main functions, it helps:

  • keep bones and connective tissues healthy
  • maintain healthy nails, skin, and hair

In cases where hair loss is caused by a nutritional deficiency, hair loss vitamins containing horsetail extract can promote healthy, thick hair growth, repair weak or brittle nails, and bring about noticeably healthier skin. In fact, hair with higher silica content tends to fall out less and have more shine and luster, while nails with high silica levels are generally healthier and more attractive.

In addition to supplementing with horsetail extract vitamins for healthy hair and nails, it is recommended that you eat a well-balanced diet, get plenty of exercise, try to reduce stress, and get lots of sleep.

One of the most popular hair growth vitamins available is Wai Lana’s Healthy Hair & Nails supplement. It is unique, highly absorbable formulation of horsetail extract can help:

  • strengthen skin, bones, nails, and connective tissues
  • enhance beauty naturally
  • promote healthy hair growth

Before trying this or any hair growth vitamin or hair loss vitamin, consult your doctor, especially if you’re already taking other medications. In fact, it is always advisable to check with your doctor before you embark on any new health regimen or introduce a new dietary supplement. Pregnant or nursing mothers should avoid taking horsetail extract vitamins, as should people with kidney disorders or heart conditions.

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