Finding Time in Nature

Finding Time in Nature

Imagine that you are sitting by a quiet lake, surrounded by fragrant pine trees; the air is fresh and cool. The grass spreads beneath your feet like a soft green blanket as the sun gently warms your face. Now close your eyes for a moment and take this image within.

As you open your eyes do you feel any different? Sometimes just focusing our minds upon a natural setting can help us feel more calm, what to speak of first-hand experience.

As we become more attracted to activities that nourish us and less attracted to activities that agitate or dull our consciousness, regularly spending time in nature can benefit us exponentially by renewing us physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Sunshine, for instance, is the most natural source of vitamin D. It helps to regulate our hormones, alleviate symptoms of depression, and allows us to feel more satiated by the food we eat—reducing the likelihood of overeating.

Walking in the rain or by the ocean puts us in contact with negative ions, which increase oxygen levels to the brain, helping us feel alert and revived.

Being in contact with the earth—kicking off our shoes and keeping our feet on the ground—helps us to restore and maintain our body’s natural electrical balance, which can be compromised by overuse of cell phones, tablets, computers,  and other electronic devices.

There are countless ways in which we can benefit from Mother Nature’s abundance. Make time for yourself and your family to regularly experience the harmony and the optimum wellness associated with time spent in nature.

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