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Healing from gluten intolerance/hair loss

Hi Wai Lana.

Thank you for your beautiful yoga DVD’s and the children’s products, as well.

This month I will be gluten free two years.  I believe it was the reason my long hair fell out 16 years ago. At the time, the 5 different doctors I saw considered everything but a food allergy.  My hair has begun to fill in again, but wondered what supplements you would recommend for renourishing and healing my body, and possibly speeding up the hairgrowth that is occurring. I love your tropical fruit and nut bars, and try to have one each day.

Thank you.


Our Response: 
Dear Elisia,

Thank you so much for your fan speak post. We suggest that you check out our supplements page and choose the supplements that you feel best meet your needs. Our Healthy Hair and Nails supplement may be one that you might want to consider.

A healthy diet is very important to the way we feel. Juicing is a very good way to get the nutrients our bodies need. Wai Lana’s Favorite Juices has many delicious juices that are full of nutrients, including silica, which is beneficial to the hair. This book has a 10-page chart that lists the vitamins and minerals our bodies need, explaining what each of them does, deficiency symptoms, and the best food sources for each of these essential nutrients. In addition, the juices are delicious (and kid-friendly). I highly recommend it.

Best regards,
Assistant to Wai Lana

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