8 years of great yoga

Dear Wai Lana,

I am so angry and disappointed that they have replaced your PBS show w/Power Yoga. Although I complained, I at least had you on Saturday and Sunday. Then even that changed to Power Yoga, so now you are not on any station in my area.

However, not to be outdone, I ordered all your DVDs, so I still have you. What still bothers me is I’ve had to change my morning routine because I was doing the entire DVD, making me late for work. So, I bought a new mattress that is wonderful and I don’t mind getting up earlier to do yoga w/ you. I’m even getting to work a little earlier with a lighter spring to my step.

Thanx for 8 years of great yoga. Although I can’t do everything you do because of my spinal arthritis, I at least make a modified try at everything. I miss seeing you on TV though. Hopefully enough of your fans will make a difference and make PBS realize that there should be room for both Power Yoga and Wai Lana Yoga so that all ages can enjoy the benefits of yoga.


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