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Your TV show

Hello to you, Wai Lana.

How are you doing, today?

I Would just like to say, I try to catch your TV show when I can. I really enjoy viewing it, and listening to your music, at the end. It is so peaceful to my mind, and spirit, and heart.

I used to do yoga, with a few friends. I was starting to feel good, but then, I seem to have stopped doing yoga. My friends no longer were doing it at all!

I want so much, to get back in to it, again. My body was starting to feel wonderful and so was my mind.

I hope your tv show will continue, to air on pbs, I love the beautiful backgrounds, when you are doing yoga. It looks so terrific and ever so wonderful !

Please have a great day, Wai Lana

And keep up the great work, on your yoga show, on pbs.

Best regards,

Scott A.

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