Wai Lana’s Little Yogis Daydream DVD Award Review

Daydream is an enchanting animated video. Songs of endearment and ancient techniques set the mood for children’s relaxation time to drift into a world of wonderful colorful dreams. It is fascinating. The adorable, humorous creatures (pink elephants that dive, insects that snuggle, dolphins that frolic about, seabirds that soar, castles in the sand, a mouse on a cheese kite, dancing butterflies, hot air balloons, and children at play) are what dreams are made of. Fantasies inspire children. This Daydream DVD inspires fantasies. 

The magical Daydream island, with a host of wonderful characters, entertains and educates all in the family to a world of play, relaxation, joy, and friendship in the delightful Little Yogis Daydream video. It is the perfect addition for the family video library.

Film Advisory Board, October 2005 

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