Beautifully done

Beautifully done

Wai Lana may be best known for her grace and beauty on her self-titled yoga program shown on the Wisdom Network. Now, she has not only created a yoga program for children, she’s also written a beautiful collection of juice recipes suitable for lacto-vegetarians and vegans.

Besides having bright colorful photography throughout, this new book is informative and full of more than 80 creative recipes. Wai Lana offers readers nutritional information, tips on produce selection, storage information, ideas to boost the nutritional potential of the recipes, information on spices and herbs, recipes for fruit juices, vegetable juices, smoothies, and desserts along with recipes for using pulp. It is a complete resource for anyone interested in learning more about juicing or looking for new inspiration.

The vast majority of the recipes are vegan, and those that aren’t are easily converted. Of the recipes we’ve tried, our favorites include Tropical Ambrosia, Berry Mango Bliss with soymilk, Carrot Cake Cooler, Summer Crush, and Fall Harvest.

This book is beautifully done and would look great on any coffee table. I prefer to keep mine in the kitchen. It really has become one of our favorite recipe books in this smoothie-crazy home.

Vegetarian Baby & Child, April 2004

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