A Colorful and Tasty Delight

A Colorful and Tasty Delight

Tantalizing is the perfect word to describe both this book and its juice and smoothie recipes. Wai Lana, a popular television yoga instructor, shares her recipes for healthy fruit juices and vegetable juices in this attractive volume.

I have been juicing for years, and this book is excellent. One of my favorite concoctions is Carrot Cake Cooler. With its mixture of carrots, apples, pineapple, ginger, and pumpkin pie spice, this healthy drink really does taste like carrot cake. Lana stresses healthy living and eating throughout the book. I could not find a juice recipe that sounded unappealing. For many of the juices, Lana includes recipes for smoothies and desserts, and she also describes ways cooks can use leftover pulp. I made Lana’s Veggie Hazelnut Burgers using leftover carrot pulp, and they were very tasty. An excellent chart details vitamin functions; symptoms of vitamin deficiency; and the best sources for vitamins. 

Fantastically bright and colorful photographs fill every page, giving the book exceptional eye appeal. The cover image reflects the book’s strikingly bold color scheme and will display well. The celebrity of the ever-smiling Lana also will boost sales. The book makes a wonderful gift for people who want to transition to healthier eating; who already are eating in a healthy way; and who prepare food for children. 

New Age Retailer Magazine, May/June 2004

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