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  1. Lie on your back with your legs extended and your feet together. Extend your arms above your head, keeping them straight.
  2. Inhale and swing your arms forward. Lift your torso and legs, balancing on your buttocks. Extend your arms toward your feet and make fists, keeping the top of your head more or less in line with your pointed toes. Contract your abs and thighs and straighten your knees. Breathe into your abdomen as you hold the pose for as long as you can without straining, up to 20 seconds.
  3. Exhale as you come down slowly and with control, bringing your arms back to the floor above your head. Relax completely. Breathe deeply for 10 to 20 seconds to renew your energy.
  4. Repeat 3 times.
  5. To conclude, bring your arms to your sides, turn your palms up, and rest.

Easier Option

Instead of starting from a supine position, sit with your feet flat on the floor and take hold of your knees. Lean back and lift your feet off the floor, keeping your knees bent. Raise your lower legs until they are parallel to the floor. Hold the back of your thighs or reach your hands toward your feet to make it more challenging.


  1. Warm up with the easier option.
  2. If you have back problems, please practice the easier option.
  3. In the beginning, your abdominal and thigh muscles may tremble, but that is not unusual. Stick with it to train your muscles to get stronger.
  4. Even though your abdomen is contracted while holding Boat, you will still be able to breathe lightly into the abdomen. Allow your abdomen to move in and out only slightly as you breathe while still keeping it firm to hold you steady in the pose.

Main Benefits

  • Strengthens the back, abdomen, and thighs
  • Helps relieve stress and nervous tension
  • Invigorates the entire body and helps improve digestion
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