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Churning Butter

Imagine you’re churning butter in this abdominal strengthener.

  1. Sit with your legs extended. 
  2. Interlock your fingers and stretch your arms forward at shoulder level.  
  3. Lean forward, then move your torso to the right.
  4. Lean back, then move around to the left. Continue moving your upper body clockwise in a circle, using your hips as the pivot point. 
  5. Breathe normally throughout the exercise, or exhale as you come forward, inhale as you lean back. 
  6. Repeat 6 to 10 times, then change direction.
  7. Come back to center, lower your arms, and rest.


  • Keep your arms parallel to the ground and your buttocks on the floor while moving your upper body in a circle. Make it more intense by making your circles bigger, less intense with smaller circles. 

Make It Easier

  • If you find it hard to sit with your back straight, sit with your buttocks toward the front of a firm cushion.


  • Massages the abdominal organs
  • Strengthens the lower back and thighs
  • Tones the kidneys
  • Firms your upper arms and shoulders
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