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This Triangle variation has always reminded me of a slow-moving windmill turning to a gentle breeze.

Keeping your legs strong throughout will give you a firm base from which to extend your arms and torso and turn from side to side. Feel your limbs being energized as circulation increases throughout your body.

  1. Separate your feet wider than shoulder-width. Turn your toes out slightly. Inhale and stretch your arms over your head, interlock your fingers, and turn your palms up. Stretch your neck back to look at your hands, if comfortable.
  2. Exhale and bend from the hips until your back is parallel to the floor.
  3. Inhaling, release your fingers and extend your arms to the sides.
  4. Exhale and swivel to the left from your waist, bringing your right hand to your left ankle, while rotating your entire torso to the left. Raise your left arm straight up, turning your head to look at your left hand. Your palm faces the left. Hold the pose for 20 to 30 seconds with slow and even breathing.
  5. Exhale and swivel to the right, repeating the pose on the other side.
  6. Rotate back to center, then slowly raise your torso, lowering your arms. Walk your feet together and relax.


Lift your chest while simultaneously extending and rotating your spine. This will prevent you from sinking your weight into your lower hand, which should rest lightly on your ankle.

Easier Options

  • If you can’t reach your ankle, bring your hand to your shin or even your thigh—wherever you can reach without rounding your spine.
  • You can also bring your hand to the floor beneath your shoulder or rest your hand on a block.
  • Instead of turning your head, look straight ahead or down at the floor.


  • Releases back tension
  • Stretches your hamstrings
  • Tones your nervous system
  • Opens your shoulders
  • Increases circulation
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