Banish Fatigue with Yoga Asanas and Breathing

Banish Fatigue with Yoga Asanas and Breathing

If you find yourself getting tired during the middle of the day, it could be because of dehydration or low blood sugar. Try to be more conscientious about drinking enough water throughout the day, and see if that helps. Or your fatigue may be caused if your blood sugar is low, in which case, of course, you need to eat. Choose complex carbs, vegetables, or protein. Avoid refined sugars because although they can give you a boost for a little while, it’s often followed by a crash, making you just want to lie down for a nap!

To fight fatigue, it’s important to eat nutrient-dense foods at regular intervals and stay hydrated. But what if you haven’t slept well the night before or you’re tired because of stress, physical exertion, mental work, or a health problem? While we don’t all have the luxury of taking a nap in the middle of the day, yoga offers some healthy techniques that we can all use to banish fatigue.

Even just a little bit of exercise and deeper breathing work wonders to energize both body and mind. If you find yourself in a slump and in need of energy to keep you going, instead of using sheer will power (or caffeine) to stay awake, try yoga. Asanas like spinal twists and gentle backbends are especially effective for waking you up as they stimulate the spine and energize the nervous system. Try these ones on my YouTube channel: Easy Crescent MoonLower Body Rock

Yoga breathing is also really effective, especially if you go outside and breathe some fresh air. Don’t worry about it being too cold. Bundle up and let that brisk air wake you up even more. Whether outside or indoors (even alongside your desk) try practicing Energizing Breath. The movements of the arms combined with full, deep breathing increases the flow of prana throughout your body, waking you up and making you feel more alert.

So next time you feel tired, don’t forget about the yoga solution. A few simple yoga asanas and breathing exercises can help you boost your energy in way less time than it takes to nap (even if you did have the time).

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