Asana Practice for a Healthy Back

Since ancient times, yogis teaching and practicing asanas have placed a great deal of emphasis on the back, especially the spine.

They appreciated the value of keeping the spinal column straight, strong, flexible, and relaxed. Not only does a healthy spine have a favorable impact on your overall comfort and mobility (both present and future), but it also benefits your internal organs, glands, and tissue. A healthy back and spine also helps increase your energy level and improves the circulation of prana (subtle energy) throughout the body. 

Practicing yoga asanas helps you cultivate and maintain a strong, supple, and healthy back. It also makes you more aware of your posture and how you move. This awareness helps you intuitively correct your movements and posture, whether it’s the way you lift or carry things, the position you sleep in, or the way you sit or stand. With regular practice, you naturally begin to move more wisely and carefully in ways that protect the back. 

This week’s yoga pose, Easy Half Locust is great for strengthening the lower back. But strong legs, abs and good flexibility are also important for keeping your back healthy. So don’t wait until you have a back problem to begin practicing yoga poses. Make it a regular part of your life now and you’ll reduce your chances of future back aches, pains, and injuries. You’ll be glad you did. 

Caution: If you have serious back problems or have injured your back or neck, be sure to consult your doctor to find out whether yoga poses are suitable for you.

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