Energize and Focus with an Outdoor Yoga Practice

Energize and Focus with an Outdoor Yoga Practice

Spring is probably my favorite season. Now that it’s here, I’m looking for any opportunity to be outside—going for walks along the beach, playing with my kids and grandkids, watering the garden, picking flowers, or just sitting on my deck to read. I can feel the sun’s comforting warmth beckoning me. So, of course, I also practice yoga outdoors when it’s not too hot.

I leave a yoga mat on my deck so that whenever I begin to feel sluggish or tired while working, I can pop outside and do a few simple poses or deep breathing exercises. It wakes me up, stretches out any kinks or tension, and lets me get back to work more relaxed and focused. Sun Salutations are a great way to wake up and energize your entire body.

I also really enjoy practicing yoga meditation outside. Whether sitting by the ocean or a stream, in the mountains, forest, or in a park, being out in nature is very inspiring. You become aware of the natural rhythms of nature, the incredible creativity in the design of every flower and leaf, and the majesty of a beautiful sunrise or sunset.

If you have the opportunity to do yoga outdoors, I highly recommend it. Find a flat surface and lay your mat down. If you don’t have it with you, standing poses are always an option, like the one featured this week, Embracing the Sky.  And of course, you don’t need anything to practice meditation–just Yoga Sound.

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