Overcome Fear with Yoga

Overcome Fear with Yoga

Terrorist attacks in America have left many people anxious and fearful. They are experiencing emotions ranging from sadness and grief to anger and outrage. Life is full of stress and tension, much of it arising from the fear of future danger.

At times like these, we should increase our yoga practice as it can help us release stress and achieve inner peace. Letting fear and other negative emotions take hold is disturbing to both body and mind and can affect our health. By helping you maintain your physical, mental, and emotional equilibrium, yoga will make you stronger and help you cope during these stressful times. Yoga meditation which focuses on sound vibration is particularly valuable, giving you a sense of tranquility, peace, and strength.

Now is also a good time to practice karma yoga. Karma yoga has nothing to do with postures; it means acting selflessly to help others. When you serve others, your heart becomes gradually purified, and this brings you inner satisfaction. There are currently many opportunities to practice karma yoga. You can donate to charities involved in the recovery effort or to those providing aid for the families of the victims. You may be able to donate your time in some way to help those in your community deal with the aftermath of the recent events.

Of course, the most effective way to help others is by being a pillar of inner peace, strength, and fearlessness. So help yourself and others by practicing yoga.

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