The Benefits of a Plant-Based Yoga Diet

The Benefits of a Plant-Based Yoga Diet

If you’re like many people who are interested in improving their health, you may already be moving towards a plant-based diet and reducing the amount of meat you eat. A wholesome vegetarian diet can help maintain a healthy body weight, boosts immunity, and may even slow the aging process.

This doesn’t mean that we will never suffer from disease or that the body won’t get old. But with a wholesome yoga diet, we can maximize our daily intake of health-enhancing nutrition, reducing our chances of becoming diseased. A good diet also makes us feel more vibrant and can help us stay active well into old age.

So what is the yoga diet? It’s a lacto-vegetarian diet that includes a vast array of colorful, tasty, and nutritious fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, grains, legumes, and milk products. With so many foods to choose from—and an unlimited variety of tasty, nutritious dishes to make—it’s just a question of learning how to prepare them. I’ve tried to make this easy for you by sharing some of my original recipes on my website at You can also find a huge variety of vegetarian recipes on the web.

A plant-based yoga diet is perfect for athletes, pregnant mothers, office workers, the elderly, students, children—everyone. Loaded with strength-building and energy-producing nutrients, a yoga diet provides the perfect fuel for the human body.

Now you may already be vegetarian, but what if your family members aren’t so convinced? If they’re attached to the taste and texture of meat, there are many delicious “fake meat” products that are remarkably similar to the meats they mimic. For example, you can find vegetarian grilled “chicken” strips (perfect for a Chinese “chicken” salad), a wide variety of veggie or bean burger patties, veggie dogs (great for a summer barbecue), and even “beef” chunks. If you include these foods when cooking for others, I bet they won’t even miss the meat!

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