Yoga Techniques for the Respiratory System

Yoga Techniques for the Respiratory System

With the fall upon us and winter not far away, respiratory conditions like allergies and colds become more prevalent. Luckily, yoga techniques offer several ways to strengthen our respiratory system and hopefully fend them off before they can take hold. 

Practicing gentle yoga asanas, even for just 15 minutes a day, can help reduce our stress, strengthen our immune system, and prevent and relieve respiratory ailments. Lion, as well as backward bending poses like Cobra, Locust, Bow, and their variations expand and open the chest. Even though it’s harder to breathe deeply in these backbends, they help strengthen our lungs and make them more resilient; just focus on breathing evenly and rhythmically. Flowing through the Salute to the Sun while breathing steadily through the nose is also helpful.

Learning to slow down and gradually deepen the breath, no matter what we’re doing, is very helpful for preventing and relieving respiratory ailments and can help clear away mucus and phlegm. Try to get into the habit of breathing through your nose —this enables your respiratory system to work more efficiently.

Many respiratory ailments are aggravated by stress, fear, worry, and anxiety. Of course, yoga has the perfect antidote—Yoga Sound Meditation—a soothing and enjoyable way to relax, let go of our day-to-day problems, and experience a taste of inner peace that leaves us breathing easier.

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