Creating a Soothing Office Environment

Creating a Soothing Office Environment

The practice of yoga asanas is truly a boon for the deskbound, both for one’s physical and mental health.

Even just a few exercises done at or next to your desk throughout the day lets you enjoy a boost of energy, a wave of relaxation, and a clarity of mind that makes you more focused, productive, and solution-oriented.  

During long stretches at my computer, I make a point to take regular yoga breaks. In fact, I do it so often that it’s become instinctive. Knowing well where my body is likely to tense up, I use yoga techniques to prevent it from happening. For instance, I stretch tension out of my neck and shoulders with Shoulder Rolls. I’m also aware that my lower back can get tired from sitting so I do an energizing twist in my chair every hour or so to release my back muscles and invigorate my spine. And if the day is especially stressful, I take a moment to close my eyes, breathe, and do a little Yoga Sound Meditation.

The science of yoga teaches that just as your consciousness affects your environment, so your environment affects your consciousness or state of mind. If you spend most of your waking hours working, it makes sense to create a workspace that’s as relaxing, comfortable, and conducive to productivity as possible. Here are some suggestions. 

  • Freshen up the air 
    If you don’t have access to fresh air, then consider getting a personal air purifier. Indoor plants are also a good idea as they supply fresh oxygen. 
  • Use essential oils 
    High-quality essential oils have various therapeutic effects and you can choose one to suit your needs. Try lavender or rose oils if you need to relax, peppermint or citrus oils to wake up, or rosemary or basil to enhance concentration.  Just put a drop or two on your wrists or temples. 
  • Clear the clutter 
    If you don’t need to see it, put it away. A couple of minutes spent clearing the clutter on a daily basis can do wonders for your focus and efficiency.    
  • Create a calming ambience 
    Beautiful natural landscapes will lend a relaxing touch to your workspace. Paintings or photos of picturesque scenery or beautiful coastlines are much more inspiring to gaze at than a blank wall.  
  • Personalize
    Being able to glance at pictures of your loved ones or little gifts of affection can warm your heart and increase your appreciation of the good things in your life. This helps you maintain a sense of purpose when work gets stressful or monotonous. 

Be creative; personalize your office space so it makes YOU feel good!

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