The Real purpose of yoga

The Real Purpose of Yoga

Some people practice yoga to attain a perfect body—in terms of lasting beauty and health. However, such a goal is impossible to achieve. A real yogi recognizes this fact. A real yogi knows that the purpose of yoga asanas and breathing techniques is to attain optimum health—or one’s best possible physical condition, given their genetics, history, lifestyle, environment, and age.

When a person’s happiness is dependent upon the body being perfectly beautiful or healthy, they are always in anxiety about the future because they know the body will eventually get old and break down. If a person is always afraid of what he knows is going to happen, then they can never really be happy inside themselves.

Real happiness comes when a person achieves the actual goal of yoga, which is optimum physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

By practicing yoga as a whole, including living a yoga lifestyle and especially by practicing Yoga Sound Meditation, you can become truly happy and fulfilled in the core of your being. This inner happiness shines through your eyes, your expressions, and your attitude toward others. It is what makes you truly beautiful, regardless of your age, your clothes, or your looks.

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