Creating Your Yoga Sanctuary

Creating Your Yoga Sanctuary

I’ve always tried to create a serene and peaceful mood with my yoga DVDs and music videos. My goal is to help people step away from their busy lives for a little while and step into the calming world of yoga.

You may not have a spot by the beach to practice yoga, but if you take some time to create an inviting place to practice, you’ll look forward to spending time there. If you have an extra room available, that’s great, you can decorate it with soft colors to create a feeling of serenity, surrounding yourself with a few items that are meaningful to your yoga practice—your japa mala, a meditation pillow, and of course, your favorite yoga props.

If you need to practice in your living room, bedroom, or family room, create a yoga corner if you can, and keep it simple and clean— an uncluttered environment makes it easier to focus.

I keep my windows wide open when weather permits, but when it’s cold outside and you have the heat on, just crack the window for a bit of fresh air or bring in a few plants to oxygenate the atmosphere. You can also use calming essential oils like lavender or sandalwood to enhance the meditative mood. A small fountain can be nice as well. If you’re having trouble getting started, put on some mellow instrumental meditation music, or use one of my videos to help you get going.

My absolute favorite place to practice is outdoors. Whenever weather permits, I can’t resist taking in the beauty and purity of nature while practicing asanas, breathing exercises, and meditation. If you have a backyard, garden, or deck, you can roll out your yoga mat and enjoy the soft breeze, the soothing sounds, and the wonderful sights that Mother Nature generously provides.

Wherever you choose to do yoga, leave aside your to-do list, let your family know you’re taking a time out, and give yourself permission to spend some quality time in your special space doing yoga.

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