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Bringing Balance into Parenting

With childhood obesity, diabetes and cardiac issues on the rise at alarming rates, it is important that we help our children learn to make good choices that will lead to their optimal long-term health and well-being. There are many simple steps families can take together to start making healthier choices.  Avoiding junk food, limiting time on mobile devices and screens of every size, and getting plenty of exercise are things we all can benefit from.

But rather than just telling our children what not to do, it’s better to take the time to educate and involve them in making positive choices. This will help them take responsibility for their own health and understand the consequences of bad habits.  

It all starts with be being a good example. Yoga lifestyle activities, like practicing asanas, meditating, developing proper eating habits, and getting sufficient sleep, can significantly help both parents and children alike. 

Embracing a yoga lifestyle can also give one the clarity and strength needed to be able to make good personal choices and thereby set a positive example for one’s entire family. If we experience the benefits of taking care of our own health, managing our own stress, and eating healthfully, we can help our children do the same.

Yoga asanas and a regular meditation practice can also help us to be able to control the mind and senses.  It gives us a positive and uplifting alternative for dealing with the onslaught of stresses, decisions, and input that we face in this modern day, allowing us to make healthy choices and be more grounded in dealing with the many challenges of parenting.

Wishing you and your family well,
Wai Lana

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