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What People are saying about Wai Lana Yoga

Here are some videos testimonials by people who have experienced wonderful benefits from Wai Lana Yoga shows.

She takes you to a place of serenity

“I have been doing Yoga one and half year of my life or so I thought, so I thought, until Feb 13th of last year 2014 when I happened to play Wai Lana PBS show and my life has never been the same. Wai Lana Yoga seriously, that’s when you start to really do yoga. That’s when you finally start to get it what Yoga is. Because the way Wai Lana Yoga is, she just takes you to a place of serenity, where everything is ok. When you are doing her tapes, when you are doing her DVD’s, you feel better, you start up may be feeling so good and then you stay with her and by the time you are done, you have a song in your heart, you have joy, you feel that you can conquer the world, that everything is ok and I have been doing her every single day pretty much without fail since Feb 13th of last year. Once in a while there is circumstances where I don’t but usually every single day I get up an hour and half early from my job so that I have the time to spend doing my Wai Lana Yoga.”

This is a very unique and beautiful experience

“What I like most about Wai Lana Yoga is it’s a unique yoga experience. It’s not like going to a yoga studio or taking a class at the gym, it’s just her, you know in the beautiful locations and you hear her voice and she talks you through the yoga steps and you can almost put yourself where she is at that moment and it makes it very easy to forget the worries of the day, just focus on the music, her voice and before you know it, it’s done and it would last longer and it has become a part of my life and I look forward to it every day and I know I can do this for the rest of my life, no matter how in shape, out of shape I am, it’s something I can do and it feels great because you know I like to be healthier, I like to be active and Wai Lana has given me that gift of good health. And, So Thank You Wai Lana and keep up the good work.”

My Speed Walking and Tennis has improved since doing this

“I do speed walking and I find that as result of doing Wai Lana yoga. I can, it’s easier for me and I can go to a greater length also which is helping me a lot in playing tennis. I play tennis 2, 3 times a week during the spring and summer seasons and it helps me with indoors. The programs sometimes emphasize the, focusing doing sort of eye exercises and doing exercises which improve your balance where you have got to focus on one object in order to do it and so this is, can be transmitted to sport like tennis where you really focused and you are looking perhaps more clearly than I would have before I started Wai Lana Yoga”

When i hear her voice, i start to feel better

“When I listen to Wai Lana Yoga, when I hear her voice, as soon as it starts, I start to feel better, I feel that it kind of be ok. I can feel my shoulders come down as soon as I start seeing her. She has this serenity about her, this calm, soothing energy. My sister says I think she is your idol, She is. I have never known a practitioner of yoga which I have done like I said, one and half year of my life until I discovered Wai Lana Yoga and that’s when I truly discovered Yoga. Everything about her, ahhh it makes me happy. She puts a song in your heart. She transcends beyond just the physicality of Yoga, she takes you elsewhere and it’s just a calmness that puts me in a better space. It’s just Aahh…hhaaa, and then you smile and then you feel better and then you can start your day because you know if you need her again she is waiting for you at the end of the day. So you can have Wai Lana Yoga in the morning, you can have Wai Lana Yoga in the evening, you can feel better all day and night. It’s a wonderful gift. So Thank you!!”

This is the real deal & delivers on its promises

“There are so many things that promises so much and just don’t deliver. You know and its nice you run into something  that makes the promises, you invest a certain amount of time and effort into this situation and there is a noticeable payback, there is a noticeable pay off. And that’s kind of a snow ball thing; once you see, once you find a noticeable pay off, and I want to do just may be a little bit more or at lease keep add it.

When I keep add it there is more pay off and there is very few things that I found that actually produce what you know Wai Lana goes through this whole thing, sometimes benefit this, benefit that, benefit of the other thing and I am a great guy for looking at the TV and saying what a crock that is, ohh boy that propaganda. But I am listening to those, her affirmations and I am saying, wah, that’s actually pretty true. It’s actually you know which is nice to see something that is connecting to something which I can feel myself and you know that gives me a little bit more faith in anything, humanity.”

This helped prevent soreness

“Wai Lana has definitely prevented soreness for me . I once worked in a farm in Hawaii doing work in a vegetable farm.We are out in the farm all day weeding and planting and it put a lot of strain on our body and afterwards when you come inside and do the Wai Lana yoga and I never felt the soreness. Only the first few days when I was not doing Wai Lana but after that I am including Wai Lana everyday and I never stopped because it prevented the soreness, it prevented the tension, so Wai Lana is really good for everything.”

Wai Lana has a very relaxing presence and is very sincere

I think I like about Wai Lana Yoga is, she is very soothing the way she speaks and she has a very relaxing presence and she is very sincere too. You know some of the other yoga programs are, they are very competitive that seems like and she is not competitive at all. And you won’t feel that the need and you are in your own home too but somehow even in your own home but somebody’s yoga programs you feel like letting the instructor down if you don’t do the right way.

I like the fact that she, you know she is outside quite a bit and most yoga instructors in her productions, most yoga instructors are wearing you know yoga wear the very tight, revealing clothing and it’s refreshing to have her wearing her silks, her blue silks, her pink silks. You know she is covered from head to foot, so you are not distracted by you know looking at what you are not, you know what you aspire to be. So it’s bit of a blank   . You can see what she is doing. She looks wonderful. She is very colorful, but you don’t have, you know the typical yoga pants and the yoga camisole that’s different and refreshing too.”

The relaxation by Wai Lana relieves tension

“Well, there are various things that I have enjoyed about the Wai Lana programming. At the end of her presentation she generally does a song or a little bit of dance or just lays down on her mat and relaxes and tells you to relax and that is a very meditative feeling for me. I know after I am done with my stretching, quite a often I will lay down and just I will feel the tension flow right through my spine and out and that’s something that I really enjoy.”

I encourage many of my friends to watch her

“I just wish the whole world know about her, I practice her yoga every day wherever I go, whenever  I have an extra moment, I, it’s with me even all the time, when my breathing, when I am in the kitchen, cooking, she is with me all the time. I encourage many of my friends to watch her and even friends that I had at the gym, once I started doing Wai Lana, 2 weeks later, no I just go to the gym for the steam room. That’s all. Not for the yoga anymore. Why? You have a personal teacher. It’s a one on one relation with this amazing lady who is just absolutely gifted.”

The Favorite part of the show is Wai Lana

“My favorite part of Wai Lana Yoga is Wai Lana. It is her presence, it is her serenity, it is her calm soothing voice, it is the way she helps you energize and relax at the same time. It is the way Wai Lana Yoga takes you on a journey, where you begin with physical movements but then you transcend it to a higher level. I think the most profound experience besides myself was with my mom. I felt like since this is helping me so much why can’t Wai Lana yoga help her. Understanding that my mom is 87 years old at that time with a walker, with a wheel chair and yet she would stand here in my living room as she would practice Wai Lana Yoga.”

It would start my day just right

“What I like best about Wai Lana yoga, it’s something that I always look forward to. It starts my day way off just right. It could be raining outside, but when I am in front of the programming, I see beautiful scenery, I see a relaxed, kind, gentle person who truly cares about what I am about. Who helps me through the day and I just , it’s such a big part of my life now, it’s, it’s wonderful, really really is”

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