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Easy Meditation

Meditation Made Easy

There is increasing worldwide interest in meditation as people’s lives in modern society get faster paced and more stressful. This is a welcome trend because ultimately the peace and joy that we seek can only be found within the core of our being, and cannot be found in the fleeting and temporary nature of our material surroundings and activities.The journey into the core of our beings can be made through meditation. recently carried a helpful article entitled “Five Simple Tips to Make Meditation a Daily Habit”

Their advice entailed:
•    Start small
•    Practice at the same time every day
•    Create a dedicated meditation sanctuary
•    Celebrate your journey
•    Make it enjoyable

Yoga wisdom shines important light on the process of meditation and I would like to share some of this wisdom with you. Firstly, yoga meditation means to have one’s heart and mind focused one-pointedly upon the Supreme Soul, our Supreme Friend, Bhagavan. This will bring you to the point of actually experiencing the loving union (“yoga”) between the individual atma (“you”) and the Supreme Atma (“Bhagavan”).

Yoga Sound Meditation is the easiest method to achieve this condition of dhyana or meditation.
Start Small
Start with a manageable amount of daily time commitment, so you are not overwhelmed at the beginning. 10 minutes in the morning and ten minutes in the evening is a good starting point, and increase gradually from there at a pace that works for you.

Practice at the Same Time Every Day
It is certainly helpful to set aside specific times of the day to meditate. For thousands of years yogis have recommended sunrise and sunset as especially conducive times for meditation. But there are no hard and fast rules on this, so you can actually meditate at any time of the day or night.

Create a Dedicated Yoga & Meditation Sanctuary
While finding a peaceful and quiet environment to meditate with minimal distractions is always desirable, it is not a requirement. Everyone has different circumstances in life and finding the perfect spot to mediate may be difficult for many people.You can actually practice Yoga Sound Meditation anywhere, including while you are stuck in traffic or waiting in a grocery store line.

Celebrate Your Journey
Yoga Sound Meditation is a gradual process, a lifelong journey. Just as the sweetness of a ripe mango can only be experienced if you taste it, if you want to experience the sweet and lasting benefits of Yoga Sound Meditation, the only way is to practice it. Unlike a mango though, the sweetness of meditation increases over time, so this is the aspect of the journey that we can celebrate.

Make It Enjoyable
The most important thing to know about Yoga Sound Meditation is that it is the most natural and effortless activity that you can engage in.The peace and the joy that we all crave is right there in the sound vibration itself and all you have to do is come into the aural association of this spiritual sound. The enjoyment is right there.

If this meditation is practiced regularly, the wonderful benefits of Yoga Sound Meditation will manifest in your life over time.To get you started, here is an easy meditation technique that you can practice with me right now

I have also recently released an Easy Meditation for Everyone Kit that is designed to make your learning and practice of meditation very easy and enjoyable.

I send my best wishes to you for a successful journey into the wonderful world of meditation.
– Wai Lana

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