My Experience of 8 Energizing Yoga Moves You Can Do in Bed

My Experience of 8 Energizing Yoga Moves You Can Do in Bed always has a lot of interesting articles on health, so when I have time, I like to browse through them. This article on doing yoga in bed (on the bed, really) caught my eye since I occasionally do a few poses on my bed before I get up.

Of course, it’s going to depend on your bed… my bed is nice and firm so it works well. I have enough support to feel stable in most of the poses. If your bed is soft, though, I’d recommend transitioning to the floor. On cold mornings, I often spread a soft blanket over my mat for the cozy factor (at least for most seated, lying, and kneeling poses).

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I like the sequence Sophie Jaffe offers, starting with Wide-Legged Child’s Pose. It feels really good to stretch out your back and hips after sleep. Sometimes I’ll relax my chest down into the bed for a passive stretch, or I’ll actively reach my arms forward—either way, it gently wakes up and decompresses the spine while loosening up the shoulders.

Her next one, Cat Pose to Cow Pose is another favorite of mine and feels wonderful in the morning. There’s just something about undulating the spine with the breath that is so smooth and rhythmic—almost like a dance. It’s also really effective for getting rid of any kinks that may have crept in during the night.

Seated Forward Bend in the morning? That one is challenging first thing! Why do the hamstrings tighten up so much overnight? If I do this one in the morning, l usually bend my knees. I also like to massage the backs of my thighs, too, especially near the knees; it seems to help them warm up faster.

The Supine Spinal Twist is perfect for the bed. Gets into tight hips and gets the spine spiraling nicely.

I don’t generally do Fish on the bed, I find I need more support than the bed provides. When I do it on the floor, I can really press my elbows down to help me lift the chest and get right onto the top of my head. That’s a little harder for me to do on the bed. But of course, it’s good to include a backbend. I suggest Simple Backbend.

I like this one and you can vary it according to your ability or how you feel. If my neck is at all sensitive, I just keep my head up and look forward. I still get a great arch in my back. I tend to take it slowly in the morning so I don’t usually walk my hands back—I save that for later in the day when my body’s more warmed up.

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Happy Baby feels good on the bed, a supportive but soft surface to rest your back against. It’s relaxing and a great hip opener. I really focus on abdominal breathing in this one, enjoying the way I can feel the effects of the breath helping me to deepen the stretch in the hips, inner thighs, and all around the groin area.

Pigeon follows up on the hip opener and doesn’t feel quite as intense as doing it on the floor, which is fine for the morning. Just be careful if you have any old knee injuries. You might want to follow Happy Baby with Biking Pose to warm up the knees before trying Pigeon.

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Her last seated pose is perfect for doing some yoga breathing or meditation to cap off an awesome start to your day. If you’d like to join me for Ujjayi Pranayama with Yoga Sound Meditation, come visit me here.

Wishing you well,
Wai Lana

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