Children Fight Obesity with Fun Exercise

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With childhood obesity on the rise, the need for children to engage in healthy activities and learn about proper nutrition has become more critical than ever before. Because change becomes more difficult with age, teaching children healthy habits while they are young is the key to preventing obesity.

Wai Lana, host of the popular PBS series Wai Lana Yoga, has created a book filled with imaginative and playful exercises for children. With colorful, fun-filled cartoons and instructions, Wai Lana’s Little Yogis Fun Exercise book helps kids grow strong, flexible, and focused as they pretend to be camels, beetles, cobras, and roly-poly bears.

Understanding the difficulties facing modern-day children, Wai Lana has prepared this book specifically to help kids develop positive habits that will benefit them throughout their lives. Beyond just helping them practice yoga poses, Wai Lana’s Fun Exercise book starts kids on the road to true health and well-being—as little yogis.

The latest product in her Little Yogis line, Wai Lana’s Fun Exercise book joins a multitude of existing Wai Lana children’s products, which include DVDs, music CDs, mats, kits, games, and activity books. The 64-page, hardbound Fun Exercise book is filled cover to cover with enchanting illustrations that encourage children to pretend they’re different animals, insects, and other fun things.

Colorful, imaginative, and richly detailed, this captivating book entertains kids with hilarious characters, fun games, silly jokes, and beautiful pictures. Whether kids enjoy it for exercising, playing, reading before bed, or simply gazing at for pleasure, this delightful book is sure to be treasured by them—and their parents.

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