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Inspirational Stories

“It is my goal to share the gift of yoga by making it easy

for everyone to experience its life giving benefits.”


Inspirational Stories

“It is my goal to share the gift of yoga by making it easy for everyone to experience its life giving benefits.”


Inspirational Stories

“It is my goal to share the gift of yoga by making it easy for everyone to experience its life giving benefits.”

Over the years, many people who have been introduced to yoga by Wai Lana, or who have been inspired by her in their yoga practice, have written with questions or gracious expressions of gratitude.

I do one of Wai Lana’s videos before I go to dance class

I dance a lot. I started dancing as an adult so the flexibility isn’t there as much as for a young person and it just helps my flexibility. The Cobra poses and the different poses help with the flexibility of the spine. I do one of Wai Lana’s videos before I go to dance class to help me get warmed up and ready.

Marie Foos

I’d just come home and do yoga for like 6 hours straight

When I was younger, I would come home and do Wai Lana Yoga with leis and hula skirts. It was fun for me as a child because it made me feel like I was actually being productive. It was very calming because I did gymnastics and ballet and tap. But everyone did ballet and tap and gymnastics. I’d just come home and do yoga for like 6 hours straight. It would be on repeat.

Hana (age 15)

I discovered Wai Lana on tv

I’ve always had an interest in yoga but never pursued it. I’ve seen many yoga dvds but it wasn’t until  I discovered Wai Lana on tv while I was travelling that she really made everything make sense. She really moved me from just thinking about doing yoga to taking action and doing yoga.

Bob T.

I could not imagine a day without you

Wai Lana,

Merry Christmas to you and your family. I have awoken to you and your yoga teachings for the past 8 years. I could not imagine a day without you. I love you so much, thank you,

Happy New Year!


I am so impressed with the Deluxe Hibiscus Totes

I am so impressed with the Deluxe Hibiscus Totes. The design is absolutely gorgeous and I love all of the colors. The shoulder strap is a great size, I love the zipper and the lining. They are so beautiful. I’ve been buying Wai Lana products for years. I have her DVD’s, cd’s and mats. I think she is absolutely wonderful and gorgeous. I just love her products, they are really good.

Cookie from Florida

I am your fan number one

Hello Dear Wai Lana,

I am an Ecuadorian fan, I love you so much, you change my life, I practice yoga every day with your videos.

Thanks for your help, you are exceptional, I want to know you.

Congratulations. Regards,


I am able to relax just by hearing her voice

It is a honor to share my testimonial with you! I am a two time cancer survivor and with surgery and treatments, my anxiety/stress levels went off the chart. Of course I was prescribed zanex for the anxiety/panic attacks but it did not seem to be helping me in a positive or empowering way, and the longer I took the RX the more dizzy I became. I was even worried that the cancer had spread to my brain.

Since January,2011 I have faithfully did my yoga with Wai Lana 5 times a week and I have been able to wean myself away from the anxiety medicine and I am able to relax just by hearing her voice and music. We are organic farmers in Nebraska so I know about a healthy lifestyle. Keep up the great work Wai Lana!

Organically Yours,

Marcy J.

Helps me relieve stress and tension

I get a lot of migraine headaches. Being a customer service representative, I’m on the phone a lot, and so I have a lot of neck and shoulder tension. I used to take lots of painkillers for migraines, but now I use Wai Lana’s DVDs to help relieve the stress and tension in my neck and shoulders. The stretching keeps me headache-free as long as I’m doing the exercises.

Melonie Paulima

Helped me to be more coordinated

I started doing Wai Lana Yoga when I had a small stroke last April in order to improve my balance, because after the stroke, my balance was all messed up. And so that’s helped me to be more coordinated.


Helped me in so many ways!

I really enjoy Wai Lana’s PBS program. If it were not for Wai Lana Yoga, I would be in a lot of pain. She has made such a wonderful impact on my life and has helped me in so many ways!

— Joan

Working with Wai Lana in the morning

I get tired, and I get a little bit of backache, but getting out there and doing all the deep spinal stretching and the deep breathing—it releases the tension from my body, and then I’m able to go to work and release the tension in my clients’ bodies. So it works real well.

So working with Wai Lana in the morning makes it a lot easier for me to work with my clients for the rest of the day.

Donna Lancaster, massage therapist & reflexologist

I love Wai Lana!

I love Wai Lana! I’ve been doing Wai Lana Yoga religiously for 1 year after I initially discovered her on my local PBS station. I really depend on her to get my day going, it’s a really big part of my life. My body has changed so much, it’s doing things I never thought it could do before. It twists in ways I never thought it could twist, I’m even doing headstands! Thank you Wai Lana and to everyone that has made this show possible.


Helped me a great deal

The bottom line is that yoga has certainly helped me a great deal with stress, blood pressure, and flexibility. I wake up in the morning raring to go.  I just don’t seem to have the problems that many people have when they get older.  I don’t have the aches and pains. I am very fortunate because there is a history of heart disease in my family.  My doctor’s aware of that and he is amazed.  He says, “Don you are doing very, very well. Keep it up.  Keep up the yoga.”  So I thought that was very good. He’s a specialist and I have worked with him for some time.  He is very pleased with my progress.

Don Wollard


I just wanted to say hello to you as it is now 10 years since I first “met” your yoga and still practice it, It really makes miracles.

Best wishes,

Meta (71 years)

Healthy yoga diet

After being raised on a healthy yoga diet and experiencing how much it benefited me, I knew that I would raise my own kids the same way. It’s a really good feeling to know you are giving your kids foods that will give them the best possible mental and physical health, and food that they really enjoy as well.

Vanessa Blake

Healing from gluten intolerance/hair loss

Hi Wai Lana.

Thank you for your beautiful yoga DVD’s and the children’s products, as well.

This month I will be gluten free two years.  I believe it was the reason my long hair fell out 16 years ago. At the time, the 5 different doctors I saw considered everything but a food allergy.  My hair has begun to fill in again, but wondered what supplements you would recommend for renourishing and healing my body, and possibly speeding up the hairgrowth that is occurring. I love your tropical fruit and nut bars, and try to have one each day.

Thank you.


Our Response: 
Dear Elisia,

Thank you so much for your fan speak post. We suggest that you check out our supplements page and choose the supplements that you feel best meet your needs. Our Healthy Hair and Nails supplement may be one that you might want to consider.

A healthy diet is very important to the way we feel. Juicing is a very good way to get the nutrients our bodies need. Wai Lana’s Favorite Juices has many delicious juices that are full of nutrients, including silica, which is beneficial to the hair. This book has a 10-page chart that lists the vitamins and minerals our bodies need, explaining what each of them does, deficiency symptoms, and the best food sources for each of these essential nutrients. In addition, the juices are delicious (and kid-friendly). I highly recommend it.

Best regards,
Assistant to Wai Lana

Having a Great Time Watching Wai Lana Yoga on PBS

Practicing yoga with Wai Lana is quite easy and enjoyable as she teaches in a comfortable style with a soothing voice. Wai Lana explains all the benefits of the yoga poses she does, which makes it a good learning experience.

The scenic beauty in her shows takes me to a world of serenity.

One of my favorite poses is the humming bird pose which is easy yet very effective. It helps me massage my upper back muscles and release tension in my shoulders, thus giving me much needed relief. I work long hours on the computer, so this pose really helps me to unwind.

Thank you very much Wai Lana for your enlivening PBS Yoga Shows, and I highly recommend them to others.

Kimmy, New York

Happy Senior Yogi

I’m 83 years old and I’ve been practicing Wai Lana Yoga for 20 years. I use her tapes every morning, they really help. 

When I was in the hospital 12 years ago for a knee replacement I brought my Wai Lana tapes with me.  i did all of the sitting up exercises I could. People kept coming in the room to see what I was doing because they loved the music on the tapes so much.

Happy Senior Yogi

Growing spiritually

I do the meditations with her and it’s as if the spirit that connects you to the divine is there.  It’s encircling you.  I am growing spiritually through her DVDs as well as changing my body physically and feeling my emotions lightened. 

Kath Osborn

Great Work!!!

I am an avid follower of wail lana yoga having based my home practice on her tv shows and dvds. My love for yoga was sparked over 10 years ago by her show and having moved from place to place I was pleased to find the tv program in Toronto (albeit at 5am). No other yoga instructor is as detailed as she is whether in DVD or in a live class and 90% of what i learnt about postures and breathing etc comes from her. I just want to express my sincere thanks and my my joy at being able to access daily (varied) sessions with the best Yoga tutor in the world!!!

Warmest regards, Namaste


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